My husband kept saying that we should have installed solar panels on our home earlier. From the moment we sign the contract with Bendygo Inc, in 2012 till now, we never paid one penny from our own pocket but keep receiving cheques. It is the best investment we made ever!
Cony and Colin 631 Gagnon Pl Newmarket
Bendygo Inc. provided the best customer service. They have a professional team helping us from paper work to installation. Everyone answered our questions very patiently and professionally. We would recommend this company to anyone else.
John Christopher 218 Donlands Toronto
We raised our children to respect our environment so we loved to use alternative energy such as solar. Thanks to Bendygo Inc and their professional financial analysis, we took the 100% finance option and installed the solar system on our roof. So far, we haven’t paid a penny to the interest from our own saved money, we even got an extra income generated from it! As parents, we are so proud that we have such an opportunity to be good role models to our children.
Shad Seresinhe 38 Shepstone Dr Ajax
I am so happy that my family hired this company as our energy consultant, who not only designed and installed the free solar panels on our roof, but also enhanced my house value. Right now my house is worth 3% more in market, and we are getting a regular cheque to off set our high electric bill as well! What a deal!
Ketan Nagra 1206 Winter CRES Milton
We used to come across solar advertisings and thought it is too good to be true until my neighbor got a solar system installed on their roof. Seeing is believing. Now we got ours too! It did generate cash for our last vacation. Thanks to Bendygo Inc.
Aslam Dahoo 790 Millworks Road Mississauga
Bendygo Inc. helped our family to make the best decision invest in the solar panel system. We never realized that the return of this investment is so amazing. We made the best decision ever! Thanks to Bendygo!
Joseph Villar 200 green manor Vaughan


Solar Panel Installers Ontario — Rooftop Solar Panel Installation


ITS TRUE! Thanks to the Green Energy Act and Feed-in-Tariff Program of Ontario, the government will sign a 20-year contract with you to buy the electricity, that is generated from your solar panels system with a fixed rate. No risk. Guaranteed income for 20 years! 100% Financing is available! Be part of the Green Energy Act , and start to realize the benefits now. You can sit back and relax, while Bendygo does all the necessary work for you, to develop your customized solar panels power solution,  including your application, design, engineering, permits, installation and connection. All you need to do,  is to sign up for the program and start receiving monthly cheques from your hydro company.


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Solar panels home

Introducing Bendygo’s Commercial net meter solar Energy Mitigation Strategy.

It is a best and brightest solution to change the way we power our buildings.

Bendygo is on a mission to make solar energy affordable,  for more community and commercial buildings. We help them upgrade their building to solar panels system and enjoy the many benefits of solar.

Locked-In Savings

You know when you open your utility bill and gasp,  because your electric rates suddenly went up?

That won’t happen anymore. With Bendygo, we help you to lock the cost for ever. Rooftop solar is cheaper than other electricity sources, when you factor in transmission costs.  Solar electricity doesn’t have to be shipped from a distant power plant to your building. 

Reduced Operating Costs.

When your business begins to generate its own solar power, your utility bill will be minimized.

As utility rates continue to rise, your savings will grow every year.

Build Equity Value.

Eliminate the electric bill helps your business stand out from the rest in the market ?

There are people, who would rather save the environment, and spend a little more than waste away energy. This is a selling point,  that can help you reel in environmentally friendly people. What you will begin to see,  as solar panels systems cost increase in value,  with regard to the cost of equipment due to inflation. By selling a business, that is already equipped with all the needed devices, people can save a great deal of money down the road.

We install solar panels throughout Ontario: Vaughan, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Oakville, Markham, Barrie, Hamilton, Kitchener, Scarborough and Mississauga.